The balance between gaming and studying is really important for Us. I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember. Back in 2003, I got my first Play station 2 as a Birth Day gift, and oh boy I was fascinated with it.

Since then I am attached to video games until today.

As my parents were strict about me, so they used to give me one to two hours playing video games. But sometimes I was so driven by games that I used to forget my time limit. And yes you guessed it right a war used to break out between us.

But as days went by, I started feeling guilty for the amount of time I spent playing video games and what I did with my parents when they didn’t let me play.

Then I told myself Video games aren’t going anywhere but times are running out. Either I can spend hours and hours playing and feel guilty afterward or I can get hold of myself and start being productive. I choose the second option. Yet, it doesn’t mean that I have stopped gaming. For the time being, I just chose to study between video games and studying.

Now the question is, How can I balance my gaming and studying? Here are some tips to help you balance gaming and studying.

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Manage your time properly

Gaming needs to be treated as a necessary part of our daily life. Whenever we get bored with our regular life we look for an escape from the real world and don’t think about our problems right? But The truth is, a lot of those games are designed to keep you playing as long as possible, so it is quite difficult to put the console down and start doing something else.

Manage your time properly

So what you need to do is set a timer and put it away from your gaming place. If it rings, you will need to get up to turn it off.

Or you can ask someone to remind you when you need to stop playing. It will be best if you describe your plan to them when asking them for help.

Disclaimer: Don’t hold accountable your gaming friends for time management because they might want to play more games with you.

Choose a secluded environment for study

You might own a laptop or console and obviously a mobile phone either android or IOS with Call of Duty or PUBG installed. With so much distraction nearby it is very common that you can’t stay focused on study. Suppose you are focused on the study but suddenly you hear a notification, you check it and you think well let’s play one match and then I can complete my study. And guess what? almost 90% of the time you forget about your study.

focus when you study

So to avoid that kind of situation you should turn off your mobile phone if possible. If not you must turn off push notifications for any games or even social media platforms.

Trust me it will help you a lot. After your study goes back to play your favorite games.

Choosing games with proper planning

When it comes to choosing a game nowadays there are tons of options to choose from. For example like action games, adventure games, strategy games with both single-player and multiplayer moods.

choose game

So whenever you are planning to play any game set a time limit based on that game.

For games like DotA, you should set the number of matches you are planning to play.

In some games like PUBG, you should never set a goal like “I will keep playing until I get chicken dinner”

If you don’t decide how long your gaming session will last, you will never be done with it. For the scenario mentioned above you might say:

– “Max it’s going to take 2/3 matches”

After Five matches

– “By studying hard, I will still have plenty of time to complete that assignment”

But guess what ultimately you might spend the whole night playing PUBG. That’s why balancing games is what you need to do.

I like to keep my gaming session for around one to two hours (depending on the games).

Experience more game less

Imagine eating the same meal every day!! Ewwww right…

So now replace a meal with gaming, if you are doing it every day it’s nothing special anymore.

Now you can try playing games every Sunday for a couple of hours and trust me it will feel really exciting and you will try your best to make the most out of it. By doing so you are going to feel every moment and you will make sure every moment counts.

BUT, if you do gaming full time on streaming platforms or play in exports you should practice daily and efficiently.

But face it, the goal behind playing video games is to relax and entertained right?

To be productive and spend your time wisely, it’s going to help you in the long run. Limiting the time will help you reduce the time you spend on mobile games or online gaming.

And by saying about productivity here is my final tips to balance gaming for you.

Use a productivity tool

productivity apps forest

To become more organized try using a mobile app like Forest. There is some kind of similar ones like Flora, EGGZY, SPACE and so on. It will improve your time management skills. Personally, I recommend Forest because every time you start a productive activity you will be planting and growing a tree. The tree will grow as long as you stay on that app. If you minimize the app or open another app like WhatsApp or Facebook, the tree dies. So you can use this app to stay focused when studying or doing an assignment. Just give it a try and I am sure you will love it and get good results.


Despite that what I have said above there might be something that you didn’t like at all, or you might think am not even a gamer at all. Nevertheless, the truth is I have found some amazing friends over video games and I love the gaming community so much. That’s why I tried my best to help you find the sweet spot between gaming addiction and being a nerd.

Anything over the limit is not good at all. And it applies to everything but I am not asking you to give up gaming or to stop playing video games. Sometimes you might want to escape from the real world and video games will help you achieve it. All you need to do is just find that perfect balance between relaxation and productivity.

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Ifranul Hoque

Ifranul Hoque is GamingSpice's Co-Founder and Author. He was a gaming freak but nowadays he is too busy with University Studies and loves to share gaming tips.