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Best Budget Gaming PC under 500$

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Table of Contents

There is a question that we always think of how much money we need to spend to create a decent best budget gaming PC or a cheap gaming pc, which can handle all the newest games as well as software with the best FPS along with durable for a long time. You can go with 500 $(dollars) for a gaming computer.

We have made Some Budget Gaming PCs on lower Budget – But in a 500 dollars Budget, you can’t get a dedicated graphics card. However, this PC Build will allow you to enjoy games smoothly. 

Note that: Comparing this build with Mid-Range best budget gaming desktop or High-end best budget gaming PC Build is useless.

The Best $500 Gaming PC Build for 2020

CPU Check Price
Mother Board Check Price
Graphics Card Check Price
RAM Check Price
Hard Disk Check Price
SSD Check Price
Power Supply Check Price
Casing Check Price

PC Overview

CPU: Intel Core i3-9100F

Best CPU For Gaming Pc

Intel Core i3 processor is an excellent choice with this budget. However, having only four cores, gaming doesn’t go great, but in medium settings, you can run games smoothly. Besides, the main feature of this processor is, it can handle multitasking properly. Additionally, it contains 6mb (L3 cache), Which will boost your gaming performance.

  • 4 cores
  • Great overclocking
  • Up to 2.4 GHz
  • Smooth gaming performance
  • Good stock cooler included
  • Can’t play Intensive games.
  • Discrete Graphics Required

Motherboard : Gigabyte B365M DS3H

Best MotherBoard 2020

Having four ram slots makes this mobo more reliable. In our opinion, you can use this mobo for years, but you can’t overclock. The main thing of this motherboard is it supports 8th and 9th gens processors. Another thing, it supports DVI and HDMI ports, so you don’t need to worry about cable connections. The land card of this motherboard has automatic Bandwidth allocation, which will improve online gaming performance. The Smart fan 5 (auto fan on-off system) and four temperature sensors make it a real beats for gaming.

  • 4 Ram Slot
  • Super Cheap
  • Temperature sensors
  • Overclocking forbidden

Graphics Card : Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 570

Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 570

Ensuring an excellent performance RX 570 is perfect that goes with 500 dollars budget. Though it can’t always provide you 1080p 60fps in every gaming, its the best feature is, it can still be overclocked. Basically, It fits on 99% systems, so you don’t need to think about it. This Graphics Card has a dual-fan so that it can provide an excellent cooling system. Besides, It has three output channels. 

  • 4 GB
  • 1080P Supported
  • Supports medium-high settings
  • Fit’s all system
  • Can’t set intensive titles at ultra settings.

RAM : Patriot Viper Elite Series 8GB

Best Gaming Ram

Ram (Random Access Memory) is one of the important components of a PC. To get a good gaming performance, we will suggest using 2X4GB 2666 MHZ ram. However, if you think 8 GB ram is not enough for you, you can increase it in the future as the motherboard has four ram slots.

  • Dual Channel Memory
  • Affordable
  • High Speed
  • Should Upgrade to 12GB or 16GB [Depends on you]

Hard Disk : Seagate Barracuda 2TB

Best Hard Disk

Internal storage is an essential thing if you don’t use an online storage service. However, Seagate 2TB will provide you with 64MB cache, which will give you enough space for gaming or other work.

  • 7200 RPM
  • 6 GB/S
  • No other choices

SSD: Kingston A400

Best SSD

If anyone put OS on an SSD, it plays a vital role by decreasing startup time. The Reading speed of the SSD is higher than the regular Hard Disk, that’s why we suggest keeping OS on SSD and rest (games, movies, and more) on Hard drive. Nevertheless, if you want to upgrade your SSD in the future, go for Samsung’s one. I know you will love this.

  • Faster than HDD
  • Good Read and Write rate
  • Low Space

Power Supply : Thermaltake SMART 600W

Best power supply

The best power supply we can suggest in this budget. It has quiet noise, which everyone likes to have. It also has three years Warranty. Besides, if you want to upgrade your GPU, Check the power connectors to avoid getting stuck.

  • Delivers 600 watts Continuous
  • 80percentage efficiency
  • No Other Choice

Casing : Thermaltake Versa H17

Best Budget Casing

Casing helps to improve the outlook of your PC. So, I always keep an excellent looking Cpu casing for my builds. Thermaltake made it of full metal. You are getting a well-designed CPU casing with a cable management system for only 45 dollars (Price could be a little bit higher or lower). It also contains a single 3.5 INCH HDD tray. The main benefits of the Casing, you can easily fit giant Graphics Cards. You can also set up to 3 fans on the front side, which will help to maintain a decent temperature.

  • More Features on Affordable Price
  • Full Metal Body
  • Ultra Cooler
  • No Other Choice

Operating System: Windows 10

Windows 10

Windows 10 Operating System is best for game optimizing. Where most of the games aren’t compatible with Linux, Windows 10 offers you the best gaming experience there. Because of its higher price, I would suggest you get a free version and, you can get that from Microsoft Website.

As you can get it for free, we didn’t include the price in our build.

Other Parts:

Monitor : BenQ GW2480

Best Gaming Monitor

BenQ GW2080 is an excellent monitor for gaming, which comes with many beautiful features. It is affordable and reasonable in price with LCD and screen size of 24 inches and resolution 1080p. GW2480 has all the characteristics you want in your home monitor. You can use it in your homes, school, and workspace. One of the features is Ultra-slim bezels and hidden cable management. These keep your workspace less messy and sharp. It has a stunning HD display and a Wide viewing IPS panel. In fact, in a single line, BenQ GW2080 is an excellent monitor for any type of use such as home, school work, document processing, and casual gaming.

  • Ultrawide Monitor
  • Adaptive Brightness
  • Neat Cable Management
  • Speakers Are awful
  • Less Cable Wire
  • Slow in performance
  • Shot cable

Mouse and Keyboard:

To have a great gaming experience, your mouse should be reliable, and the keyboard should be flexible to use. So we must pay attention when we are Building a Gaming PC. Pro gamers always suggest having a lightweight mouse to ensure smooth movements. To make the mouse and keyboard more gorgeous, we can get RGB.

Razer Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse

This mouse is perfect for right-handed gamers. It has the ideal size and grip to fit almost everyone’s hand and is an excellent looking mouse with various features. Besides, it also has RGB, which most pro gamers suggest. This mouse followed the previous year’s “DeathAdder” Design.

Redragon K552-RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Best Gaming Keyword

This mechanical gaming keyboard is for serious gamers and writers. It is also reliable, and the price is less than 50$. Its suitable design makes it more perfect and contains macro customization. This keyboard has full RGB backlighting, and you can cycle through 18 lighting effects by holding the ‘FN’ key and pressing Insert, Home, PageUp, PageDown, End, or Delete. Each of those keys has three presets that you can cycle through by pressing your desired key repeatedly. You can also individually customize each key. The only fault is that it doesn’t have a number pad.

Razer Sphex V2 Gaming Mouse Pad

Best Mouse Pad For gaming

The Razer Sphex V2’s ultra-thin form factor has an adhesive base as a link, which makes it perfect for those who prefer an unobtrusive gaming experience. It is necessary to improve mouse performance in gaming and make movement smooth. If you don’t need a mouse pad, you can skip it. It’s up to your choice.

HiFi Desktop Bookshelf Speakers Pair

Best Speaker

Speakers are one of the essential output devices for a computer. The general purpose of a speaker is to produce audio output that can be heard by the listener. A speaker can be used everywhere as a sound system such as office, homes, parties. If you want to buy speakers for your use, we recommend HiFi Desktop Bookshelf Speakers Pair – 300.

This pair of the speaker is a 300 Watt Powered Bluetooth Compatible Active Passive Bookshelf Speakers. This speaker is perfect for all purposes. It can be used at your workspace at your homes when you are watching a movie or listening to music. One of the best features of this speaker is that It is Bluetooth compatible. You can use these speakers by connecting your phone or laptop with Bluetooth for audio streaming. So the mess of cables can be avoided. These speakers have HI-FI SOUND REPRODUCTION. Thus these speakers are perfect for your parties or other uses. 

A perfect speaker consumes the power of 300 watts. The Hifi Bookshelf Desktop speaker pair is 300watts. These portable full-range high powered bookshelf speakers have a maximum power output of 300 watts and 150 watts RMS so you can play your favorite music tracks as loud as you want. 

These speakers have rear-panel control and a built-in audio amplifier. With these beautiful features, you can easily adjust the bass, treble, and volume levels to your preference.

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

Best Headphone

This headphone has a good build quality, which is perfect for streamers. To communicate with your teammates, you have to have the right mic, which is provided by HyperX Cloud Stinger. Having a good mic is essential to communicate with teammates, which is provided by HyperX Cloud Stinger. Gamers found it good because of it’s lightweight. Besides, the form makes it too comfortable to wear and it covers 90 Degree Angle to fit in the ear.

Going Online:

The Internet is a must for gamers, especially when you are playing multiplayer games. There are always two options for going online – Wifi or Wired. But to use Wifi or Wired, you need a Router. You can also use a Sim company provided the Internet, but it will be costly and low speed than Broadband.

Router : ASUS Dual-Band 2×2 AC1300

Best Router

Asus Dual-Band router will be the right choice with a low budget. Its superfast net speed attracts the users most, but it also has a decent look. It speeds it up to 867Mbps (5GHz) and 400 Mbps (2.4 GHz). You can monitor the router through a mobile app, and also can block unwanted connections. It has 128 MB for multitasking and also contains USB 3.0, which is 10 X faster than USB 2.0.

Wi-fi adapter:

There are so many suitable Wi-fi adapters that we will leave it to you to choose one of these two on a low budget for your budget gaming PC.

Tp-link AC600 USB Wi-Fi adapter

Best WiFi Adapter

Tp-link AC600 is one of the best Wi-fi adapters you can get at a reasonable price. Its best feature is its dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band will ensure you flexible connectivity. Also, its long-range and lag-free connection is three times faster than wireless N speeds.  You can ceaselessly do your work or play Games with this Wi-fi adapter without any disturbance.

USB WiFi Adapter 1200Mbps TECHKEY USB 3.0

Best Wifi adapter 2020

Well, this one is another best option for you as its 2.42 GHz and 5.8 GHz band has 100 yards of coverage. Also, you won’t have unexpected dropped calls or loss of signal quality Period because interfering devices such as Bluetooth or cordless phones can’t make it disturbed. It is guaranteed that at up to 300Mbps 802.11n or 867Mbps 802.11AC, this fantastic Wi-fi adapter gets you Faster speeds.


We have two recommendations for you if you prefer a wired connection.

Cat-6 Ethernet Patch Internet Cable (5 Feet)

Best Internet Cable

This one is best for you if your router is close enough to your Gaming PC. Providing 5 Feet cable, it has universal connectivity with 250 MHz bandwidth. The best benefit you can get from this is it transmits data at speeds up to 1,000 Mbps(or to 1 Gigabit per second).

Cat6 – 4 stranded UTP (30 feet)

Best Internet Cable

Cat6 – 4 stranded UTP (Unshielded twisted pair) will be Convenient for you if your router is either not close to your PC or is in another room. Getting a 30 feet Network patch cable at a low price is one of its benefits. This one’s Transfer Rate is 10/100/1000 Mbps (1000Base-T Gigabit), and it is certified. To ensure a clean and clear transmission, it has Gold plated connectors. It has an Enhanced 550MHz bandwidth for high-speed Data or Audio or video.

Closing Thoughts:

In conclusion, our extensive guide to the best 500 Dollars Budget prebuilt Gaming pc is up in front of you. Though we made too many comments about the components, it will give you 1080P gaming experience with no doubt. We think this Budget Gaming PC build won’t make you feel disappointed.

Let us know in the comment section about the build, and if you think any components we should replace, you can contact us.

Table of Contents

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