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Best horse games for Xbox

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Horse games are very famous among Xbox users. There are lots of horse games to play, but among them, we will short the best horse games for you. The horse is a pet animal; that’s why we have a special connection with them. In my opinion, the most straightforward horse games are Race type, but adventure type games are the best.

5 Best Horse Games For Xbox

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Red Dead Redemption 2


This game is an action-adventure game that was developed by Rockstar Game. The story mode of this game is too good, and the graphic is very Picturesque. If you like wild west movies, then this game will blow your mind. There is no similarity in maps or environment but Read Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2 are connected. Red Dead Redemption 2 features younger versions of multiple characters from Red Dead Redemption.

The game features the time of 1899 when the Wild West Era began. Red Dead Redemption is presented with both 1st and 3rd person perspective. It includes shootouts, hunting, heists, and interacting with non-player characters. Also, it includes the feature to maintain your character’s honour by moral choice and doing good deeds.

The main feature is that this game is an open-world game so that it will give you extra interest. Red Dead Redemption has the most incredible and impressive map that you’ve ever explored. Snow-covered Mountain sections, dense marshes, oil fields, and everything in blood will boost your spirits. This game opens up a new world that is dense, complex, and modified.



This game is a racing game like Roadrash. In the Roadrash game, we used to do race and tried to stop the opponents. In this game, the system is pretty much the same, but the mode is different. Here they race with a vehicle which 3-4 horses pull. Participating in a two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle, you have to whip the opponents that are either side of you. All you need to do is either come first or eliminate the competition.

The entire game is all over the three chariot races, which are somewhat different from each other but hard to play. However, Ben-Hur is a decent game, and you can have many achievements by horse racing challenge, and it is a 1000 game score.

At first, everyone thought that Ben-Hur was like an advertisement for the movie. Although Ben-Hur doesn’t succeed as a gamed or an advertisement for the movie, it is simply good for achieving some points. It is like a download-play-finish type of game. You will finish it in no time unless you’re into it.

Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator has gained a huge fan-base over the years. These types of games are the lives of agriculture maniacs and this one is literally coming with the most extensive official vehicles and tools. Yes, you’re going to see plenty amount of vehicles and of course, you can own them, ride them to explore the vast area of the map.

Offering the most impressive and overwhelming graphics Farming simulator 19 will help you to get experience to develop your farm. You can ride your horses to explore the huge farming area.  There is also a menu quest for neighbors who will be a helper for you. It is a great game where you and your friends can make an organization and play together online. There are three options to kickstart your career in Farming Simulator 19. You can start from scratch or with a sizeable farm or as a large farm manager. The vehicle-machines are like a new exciting tool.

 This game is getting better and better every while. It features new American and Europian environments, which will introduce you with many exciting new farming activities, including new machines, vehicles. Here you can see livestock animals, including a variety of horses for the first time.

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is the second game in the Red Dead series. It is set during the time of the decline of the American frontier in 1911. The game is played from a third-person perspective. It has the morality system which enables the player to level up the character’s honor. The main form of transportation is the different breeds of horses.

This game is a western-themed action-adventure Game which enables you to complete missions, proceed through the story as John Marston. A primary gameplay mechanic in Red Dead Redemption is gunfights. Though it is adopted from the “Grand Theft Auto Series,” it does have a modified wanted system. It has an online multiplayer where a maximum of 16 players can play per session. It can be both cooperative and competitive. This game is a system where you can have colossal freedom, and for exploring it, you will also get rewards.

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My Little Riding Champion

My little riding champion

My little riding champion was one of the top hit horse riding games when it was released. It has a clear storyline and aim which is a good thing to consider. Though the script is poorly written and voice-acted, My Little Riding Champion is overall good with a good outline story. You will only need four buttons to play the entire game. It also has many types of horse-riding competitions and rewards. Apart from riding competitions, training your horse, there are other jobs to be done. Some of them are completing side-quests, racing any fellow club member, helping with many village jobs, and more. Also, surfing the virtual world, completing quests, and giving carriage rides to the tourists who come to the village will give you scope to earn extra money.

This game contains a story of a woman named Lusia who takes over the stable of her deceased Uncle. Voice-acted spirit makes you laugh as they will talk like robots by not even moving their mouth. It’s disappointing that you can’t even choose your horse breeds. Although you can buy six different colored horses throughout the game, it would have been really better if they could let you choose your own horse from the beginning. However, you can train your horses and participate in all the previous competition levels every time you buy a new one. Lusia has to take part in different tournaments to keep the riding club alive, which was going well until her Uncle died. However, it’s disappointing to finish each riding stables competition in a minute or more. Excluding the bad appearances, you will enjoy the game.

Table of Contents

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