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Best PS4 Offroad Games

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Table of Contents

After spending hours on research and testing, we’re confident that we’ve found the best ps4 offroad games for you. There are many comprehension between games and simulation. People think that offroad simulators and video games are the same; however, they are not identical. A game is what we play on several platforms, but a simulator combines the strategy and skills with the game to provide us with real experience. Offroad driving games and ps4 racing games have always been preferred by gamers and in this content, we sorted them out according to our experience.

Best 10 PS4 OffRoad Games

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Dirt Rally 2.0


Release date: February 26, 2019

Dirt Rally 2.0 is an exceptional PS4 game. The official video game was developed by Codemasters. The handling in this game is breath-taking because the smallest mistake can end your stage. The choice of tires before a stage is one of the new features. You can win money through podiums and wins, and you can improve your cars and teams. Take any car with any stage, and you will know how particular this game is. Dirt Rally is pretty enjoyable and accessible.

Yeah, it also has shortcomings, and that is it has only six environments and stages that are 12 per environment.

As for sound, it is good with motor roaring. The visuals are somewhat detailed, and the nearby view is realistic. 

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DiRT 4


Release date: June 6, 2017

DiRT 4 is a racing game based on Rallying. Spanning five locations: this game will introduce you with a new feature called your stage where you can define your rally stages based on a setting and parameters. Take risks, and you’ll be rewarded. It includes five rallycross circuits. The car handling is splendid, and the audio system is excellent. Though the visuals are sometimes little down, it looks great with the astral weather effects. 

Between the two physics mode simulation is the best choice as it makes the entire racing experience a real struggle with the wheel.

Baja: Edge of Control HD

baja: edge-of-control-hd

Release date: September 22, 2008

Baja is easy to pick-up and play when it comes to gameplay. The game features more detailed visuals, and it has optimized Framerate. 4 player split-screen and the multiplayer option is one of the best features of Baja. The higher resolution will make you feel fascinated. The variety of vehicles, events, and tracks will keep you busy. This upgraded HD game with 4k compatibility has improved its techniques for lighting, shadow, and dust effects. The camera follows the vehicle when it turns to the edge of the screen, and that’s why handling the vehicle is gratifying.

It is best to start upgrading your vehicles to the max when the races get tougher (Though The AI holds its well). With 60 FPS this games visual is fascinating with good environmental design and every detailed thing.

The audio feature is excellent. With a good sound, you can even see the title of the song and also change the song pausing your Race.

Spintires: MudRunner


Release date: October 31, 2017

With Hostile environments, MudRunner is the right choice as a truck simulator game. The suspension and the heavy truck driving everything feels real. Dynamic night and day cycle, Challenging objectives, soft-tire, and suspension physics are the features of this game. The water of the river is realistically simulated, and when you drive through it, the mud of your car will be washed off. The truck driver can even use a flexible winch to overcome any obstacle. The most dangerous thing will be the path that you choose. The offroad tracks can be through the forest or a river, handling the heavy truck or your car will be a big challenge.

A Multiplayer mode is the best feature. Delivering logs, uncovering the map, or refueling each other While playing with your friends is a lot of fun and excitement. The sound effects are quite fun though the sound of the car is not matched. But, you can feel the water and mud splashing on your car or the rustling sound of tree branches.



Release date: February 27, 2018

The most beautiful thing about Gravel is that it is immediately accessible. Having a vast amount of tracks, it’s not unexpected that their quality is irrational in Gravel. However, the best tracks are that of The Cross Country. You can get to see a variety of Vehicles. Gravel isn’t a choice for everyone as it is only fun for an arcade racer.

Even an ordinary race in Gravel can get quite intense. There will be dirt and mud flying when you are racing along with the exciting sound of motor roaring. The sound makes you feel realistic in every intense competition in Gravel. Though it has some issues like cars merging into each other or shadow problem, it is fast-paced and merely satisfying. And that’s why it has made its place among the best offroad racing games.

V-Rally 4


Release date: September 6, 2018

Arcade driving, track design, and ideal scenario make V-Rally 4 a worth playing game. There are many cars to choose from, and they don’t feel weighty. Also, the handling model is forgiving. V-Rally 4 is not that bad, but as a gift, after 16 years this game is disappointing.

The screeching sound every time you turn at the edge won’t be soothing to you. However, it has a split-screen multiplayer option that is a good thing. You can even adjust your AI on a scale of 0-100. You can adapt to your vehicle type, settings, and also upgrade them. Overall this game is as good as the games like Dirt Rally.

Dakar 18


Release date: September 25, 2018

If you’re willing to try something new, something unique then Dakar 18 is definitely for you. You can choose your vehicle right before the stage, and it can be motorbikes or cars or quads or even trucks. There are 14 stages across three countries. Each race can take up to one hour sometimes two hours. As there will be no arrow at the right corner of your screen, you’ve to listen carefully to your co-driver(Bike riders can follow on-screen map icon). The main problem is most of the time; your co-worker is proved to be useless. Their note is just late and, It is visually uninspired and lacking in aesthetic refinement. The handling is too sensitive and too unattached.

The online multiplayer is engaging and fun but its quite tricky to find someone to play with. In short, This game is challenging yet fun.

Need For Speed Payback


Release date: November 10, 2017

Though Need For Speed Payback isn’t perfect, It feels like the evolution of the series. The gameplay doesn’t match with the movies that it’s inspired from.

The handling of this game is fun but in an old-fashioned way.  There are plenty of cars but either you can choose one car for different stages or different car for one stage. Well, you must remember that if you give any driver, a new ride means you will have to start over.

The sound didn’t appease me; The motor sound doesn’t go with the car you choose. The visuals are okay.

The Crew 2


Release date: June 29, 2018

To be able to switch between boats, aircraft, and cars in a moment The crew 2 is an excellent game for you. Countless skill challenges, 120+ primary activities will make you busy for a while. The scenery will raise your spirit. Water splashing on the boat or the road scenery everything is splendid. This game is fun, unique to play. 

The visuals and sound are great to deal with, and This is a different type when it comes to rally-themed games. The online multiplayer option is also a feature of this.



Release date: February 27, 2020

Though it’s a racing game, it has some unique parts. You have to climb the craggy rocks with ATVs and buggies. The developer tried to make the game realistic. When you are riding an ATV, you need to calculate weights as the position of the rider will have a significant impact to balance the ATV. Basically, you need to fight with physics to stay in the track.

Unfortunately, sometimes this game will make you feel like you are in a warzone with landscape and most of the time you can’t move forward, so you need to respawn. The vehicle you are driving has good power, but the steering is always twitchy. Another thing the game will charge a penalty if you break barrier tape, which is crucial.

Sound is also a significant factor. The vehicle sound is particularly lowlight in this game. This game also runs at a steady FPS of 30 unless you tried to slipt.

Table of Contents

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