G-Wolves Hati Ht-M 3360

G-Wolves Hati Ht-M 3360


Sensor : 3389 OpticalHand orientation : Left and Right
Buttons: Omron SwitchesWidth – Back : 6.41 cm / 2.52 in
DPI : 200 – 16000Width – Front : 6.14 cm / 2.41 in
Polling Rate in HZ : 125/250/500/1000Width – Middle : 5.78 cm / 2.27 in
Connection : Wired Length : 12.42 cm / 4.88 in
Cable length : 2 m / 6.5 ft Height : 3.96 cm / 1.56 in
Weight : 63 g / 2.22 oz
  • Lightweight with a nice shape
  • Flexible cable
  • 64 gm
  • Maybe not adaptable on small hands

Build and Shape

Measurements are 124 millimeters long, 62 millimeters in the front, 65 millimeters at the rear, and 57.5 at the grip with a height of just about 40 millimeters. Visually in hand, it shares a lot more in common with G Pro wireless than it does the air58. The big difference I notice right away is that the rear flares out more, it actually gives me a place to anchor my pinky finger that way I can get a predictable every time.

As per our normal mouses, whenever we push back the wire of the mouse, the mouse also moves with it. But in G-Wolves Hati, it doesn’t happen, which will increase the smoothness.

Button’s And Wheel

It’s a six-button Ambi shape, but it’s not true ambidextrous as it lacks side buttons on the right side. No comfort grooves on the triggers as they are split from the body- a very minimal amount of pre-travel, and there is a fair amount of side play.

Sides buttons are again very similar to the G pro wireless in size and shape. These are kale switches. On my copy, the button is very crispy.

The scroll wheel feels really good here, like tactical and the great texture on the wheel doesn’t require a little force to depress, and it does have a bit more side play. The dpi button is perfect and smoothy, and I can’t see any issue with accidental hits coming off the scroll wheel.

Cable Quality & Durability

As I used it for gaming I felt it’s like Skoll and they really did a good job sticking with that type of cable. It’s almost the best type of cable you can expect. it’s really flexible, condense and light that you won’t even feel that you are playing with a wired mouse.

If you are that type of person who are really careful about their mouse that after getting a brand new mouse, First thing they do is buy a custom mouse cord. I can assure you that you won’t need one this time.

Sensors and Performance

We have got a 3389 sensor, this has seven steps by default to range from 400 dpi of the 16000. Which allows great gaming performance. It’s basically a plug and play type of mouse. But hey if you are looking for customization, it’s also there. If you change the polling rate of the mouse I highly recommend you set it 1000 Hz.


There is a software for Hati Mouse by which you can change the dpi, liftoff distance, and polling rate. There are seven different steps so the Dpi stages, which you could recycle between and set.

The software version is really basic macro editor type. Like you can set up name and create a macro and then click record and then the software will record inputs. You can then map these macros to a mouse button.

As simple as that…


This is a medium sized mouse with a handy shape so it’s gonna be great for a lot of gamers out there.

For real life comparison you can think of it like a G pro Wireless without the angles