6 Games Like Nier Aytomata

Devil May Cry Series

Devil May Cry seems like a game that is non-serious and slightly comedic and we can say it's the complete opposite of Nier: Automata. But it is also true that there are still lots of similarities between both Nier: Automata and the games from the DMC franchise. At the first glance, DMC looks non Complex and Serious but actually, it’s more complex and serious.

Though it has a great storyline throughout the series, it's widely considered as one of the best hack and slash games. You will definitely like DMC if you were a fan of action which was in Nier: Automata and we can say that every Devil May Cry game is heavily focused on the same type of combat. For different types of enemies in DMC, you will have many different weapons to take them down, which feature we saw in combat like Nier: Automata.


This is the best recommendation for anyone who is looking for a similar experience to Nier: Automata. It is the previous game in the Nier series and was released before Nier: Automata. We can say it is not polished as Nier: Automata in the terms of combat and visuals, however, it still holds up even today and features a great story which will be loved if you liked what Nier: Automata offered in the same department.

Obviously, there are a lot of similarities between both games as they are part of the same origin. I have seen a lot of players that skipped Nier and decided to play Automata directly, so I can say there is a good chance that you are also one of them. If this is the case, it is recommended that you should give it a try by playing Nier.

I can say, you will be immediately hooked if you have loved Nier: Automata and its story, as well as the mechanics and the combat.


Bayonetta is another great game when it comes to hack and slash and it’s a game that will provide you with a feel like Nier when it comes to combat. Though it has different plots the two games are clearly said to be similar when it comes to gameplay. The game's story is about a witch known as Bayonetta who summons demons and uses various kinds of weapons to fight with her enemies.

The combat of the game is highly polished and the game rewards skilled players that perform better combos. If you loved Nier: Automata because of its brilliant combat, then it’s highly recommended that you should try out Bayonetta 1, which is available on many platforms. Though the game has another version named Bayonetta 2, it is exclusive to Nintendo platforms. So, you need to have a Nintendo switch to play the game.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Metal gear rising is a game that is highly famous and very similar to Nier: Automata in all ways. The highly iconic Metal Gear franchise is the best part of the game. In-game you will be taking control of Raiden who is a highly trained cyborg warrior and he will be taking on enemy organizations to ensure world security.

In-game you will be ripping through enemies in some of the coolest ways and also you need to focus on a great and complex story that has a lot of lore for you to cover. These are the similarities between the two games, the overall gameplay, and are highly similar to Nier: Automata. We think it is the better option if you are looking for something like Nier: Automata and we can guarantee that you can spend hours and hours on it.


Though all the other games on the list hold similarities with Nier: Automata in the term of story or gameplay. However, Undertale only features one very specific likeness with it. We can say the likeness is one of the best possible similarities that it can share. Undertale is famous for making all shorts of unconventional uses of its many different gameplay mechanics,something that Nier: Automata is highly popular. This is the thing that most of the games we put in the list won’t provide, that’s the reason why Undertale is a special inclusion.

Highly replayable is another fact for which Nier: Automata is highly popular. If you really wish to finish the game, it is actually mandatory to replay the game multiple times. This specialty has made Nier: Automata different from other games. And this special feature is also a huge characteristic of Undertale and it is compulsory to achieve the ending. Both of these games’ gameplay are totally different from each other but they have some common things that stand out. That’s why it is recommended to try out the Undertale also if you have liked Nier: Automata for its distinctiveness.

Dark Souls

The combat and challenge that Nier: Automata has, is on a different level. And if you have liked that feature, then Dark Souls Franchise will surely be to your liking. It is a pretty obvious thing that Dark Souls is a benchmark for all the competitive and challenging games. It has a special feature of highly difficult combat challenges and you will be rewarded greatly if you can master it. Though it may be much more hard and difficult than Nier: Automata for the most, you can still try it out.

The complicated and highly detailed lore where you will have to pay your utmost attention is another similarity it shares with the Nier: Automata. Every gameplay in the Dark Souls series features tempting storylines which are connected even though this game is not popular for its story. Same as the other games in our list, we recommend you to check out the Dark Souls as well because of its similarity with Nier: Automata, especially if you are addicted or a fan of complex yet intriguing storylines.