Glorious Model O Minus

Glorious Model O Minus


Sensor : Pixart PMW3360Length : 12.0 cm
Buttons: Omron SwitchesWidth :5.8cm
DPI : 400, 800, 1600, 3200Height : 3.6 cm
Polling Rate in HZ : 1000Weight : 58 grams (matte) | 59 grams (glossy)
Connection : Wired Shape: Ambidextrous
Buttons : 5 + DPI switcher Cable Length : 2 meters, soft braided
RGB1 zone, 3 rgb areasSoftware : Glorious software
  • Good Shape
  • Fit’s all hands
  • RGB
  • The sensor can’t go below 400

Build and Shape

The Mouse has honeycomb textured cutout to shave down some of the weights, either the 67 or 68 grams, and it has the simple, economical design to give you a look at the finishes. The only branding can be found on the side.

In terms of size, it’s 128 millimeters long, 61 millimeters violate of the tip, 59 millimeters wide at the waist, and 66 millimeters at the hips. It’s 37 millimeters tall, and for being ambidextrous, you will found it more comfortable while using a palm grip.

The cable is six and a half feet long, and this ascended cable is extremely lightweight and flexible. Using a paracord like this heavily decreases any potential snag or tension it from the cord of your desk. The cable is like a feature, and it will make you feel it’s a wireless mouse.

Button’s And Wheel

It has six total buttons, and yes, even RGB lighting at this price is really great. The wheel illuminates as well as these sides of the mouse. It doesn’t do anything besides just visual flair, and it’s still an excellent addition for people who crave RGB.

Buttons are rated for 20 million clicks, and the scroll wheel also has a deeply grooved rubber texture, and it feels very satisfying to use. Under the Scroll wheel, there is a dpi switcher.

Sensors and Performance

In this mouse, PMW 3360 Sensor was used, and it has 4000 to 12000 dpi sensor, 1000 hertz polling rate at one millisecond. The dpi indicator virtual aids on the bottom of the mouse.


With this mouse, they provide software where you can reconfigure the six buttons to make them the multimedia key. On the right side, you will find the dpi setting section, and you can change the RGB of the mouse. There are a lot of modes you can choose. You can also adjust the wheel speed.