Counter-Strike Global Offensive (Cs: go) is one of the popular multiplayer games. For online gaming, Ping is especially necessary as the events happen in real-time. Playing with high Ping is frustrating because it creates lagging in the game. That’s why you have to reduce ping for a better gaming experience. However, to reduce Ping/decrease ping firstly you must have an idea of how Ping works, as well as its utility. To have the track of FPS and Ping while playing is very important because you need to focus game server speed on surviving the game.

What is Ping?

Ping is a signal request that is sent to a host. Ping works with two targets- Firstly it is sent to check if the host is available. Secondly, it measures how long it takes the host to the response.

In the most command-line interfaces, A standard command is, a ping request is performed by ping command. After the command, the time it takes to reach the host and the time to receive the response is combined, and it is your ping time. The more time it takes the more ping increases.

What is a good Ping response?

To have a smooth gaming experience, you must have a good ping response. Noticeable lagging, having a problem while aiming the enemy, or not having the track of real-time enemy position is the result of having ping issues or not having a good ping response. Let you have a glimpse of a Ping response from good to bad.

  • Less than 30 ms: It is excellent ping; mostly unnoticeable and ideal for online gaming.
  • 30 to 50 ms: Average ping and Ok for your gaming.
  • 50 to 100 ms: It is slightly slow ping but way better than slow; it may affect your gaming but Ok for web browsing.
  • 100 to 500 ms: Slow ping; will create somewhat trouble while browsing But will create lag in an online game that is too unnoticeable.
  • More than 500 ms: Well, you don’t need to play a game if it is this much and take a walk outside instead. Because imagine, you entered the game, joined a squad, and without doing anything you will be dead (Truly speaking you can’t even enter the game). It happens when the host and the requestor are in different parts of the world.

What is FPS?

FPS Stands for Frame per Second. It’s also called the Frame rate. Each second how many consecutive full-screen is showed is measured by the Frame rate. Our eyes are a frame rate of 12 FPS, and it means it surpassed the frames will appear less detached and will start to blur together. Less than 30 FPS always counts as low FPS. But with 30 or 60 FPS, you will get even continuous motion, and it will be great smooth. FPS is essential for gaming as it is used to measure the frame rate of video games.

Enable Ping and FPS On CS: GO –

  • Open CS-Go. On the left side, you will see a setting icon. Click on it.
csgo setting icon
  • The game Setting page will popup. On the top side, you will see a section named Keyboard/Mouse. Click on it.
csgo setting bar
  • On that page go at the bottom and you will see a section named Ui keys. Check the Toggle console key. By default, the toggle key is (`). For clarification, you will get the button on the keyboard above the TAB button.
csgo toggle console
  • Now select the Game setting at the top of the screen. At the game section, change the developer console to Yes.
csgo developer console
  • Now press the toggle key (`). A new window will pop-up with lots of code. Don’t worry about that On that particular screen you will get an insert section below.
  • Now type the following command “net_graph 1” and hit the enter. Hurrey, you are done. Now press the ESC button to close the window. The FPS and Ping will be shown on the below of the screen.
csgo fps enable

How to decrease ping on cs-go :

  • If you are using a shared IP I will suggest you get a Real IP to fix high ping. Shared IP is an IP that is used by several people. When we get a broadband line ISP always provides a shared ip address. When the same IP holder uses the internet the full pack will distribute among them. You may have to pay some money for Real IP.
  • Check before playing, if there are any system updates running on the background or any particular application is using the internet. If so close them.
  • Scan for malware because they also block internet connection or make it slow. Use an Antivirus Software that can do deep Search.
  • Reset the DNS Cache.
  • Update your drivers (including Graphics Card)

Hope it will help to reduce lag and solve packet loss.

How to Reset DNS Cache :

Method 1: Windows Command

  • Select the START button and type CMD.
  • Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run As Administrator.
  • Hit the yes button.
  • Type ipconfig /flushdns Command and hit enter.

Method 2: Windows PowerShell

  • Select the START button and type Powershell.
  • Select the START button and type Powershell.
  • Select the START button and type Powershell.

How to Check Ping :

  • Select the START button and type CMD.
  • Select the START button and type CMD.
  • Select the START button and type CMD.
  • Type ping and hit enter.