Avast is one of the most famous antivirus which will protect you from Malware and online threats. In today’s world, the Virus is one of the dangerous things. It can ruin your PC and sometimes your life. Avast comes with 2 versions – Free and Paid. The free version has lots of features like the Paid one but the paid one has the most. It’s stable software but sometimes it gives some Issues. In this article, We will fix Avast service using too much CPU Usage problem.

Fix Avast Service Using too Much CPU

Before following our instruction it is necessary to restart the computer.

Remove Avast Cleaner

Avast Cleaner removes the junk files from the computer to speed up the computer. Sometimes, it can use a lot of Cpu usage. I will suggest using CCleaner which is a great software to remove the junk files. And do a search once per week, then turn it off. Now follow how we can remove the Avast Cleaner:

  • Open Avast User Interface and go to settings.
  • Click the Components Tab
  • Click the DownArrow beside the component you want to remove and click Uninstall Component and then click ok to confirm.
  • Restart your computer.

Update Avast

The update comes with a new feature or Solution of bugs of the previous version. It’s important to keep your software updated. You can update avast :

  • Open Avast User Interface.
  • Go to the Update app section and check if there are 2 update buttons. One is for the program itself and another is for the database.
  • Click the Both button and wait for it to be done.

Change the Scan Frequency

Try to increase the Scan frequency value which may not be an ideal solution but it can be a solution for High CPU Usage.

  • Go to the Search Box on the left downside of the windows. Search for Command Prompt and Run it as Administrator.
  • Now go to program data and Find the AvastSoftware< Avast file. Copy the folder link. Run it on Command Prompt.
  • Run it on Command Prompt.
  • Open the avast5.ini file and insert the following command : [GrimeFighter] : ScanFrequency=999
  • Save the file and restart the computer. If you can’t save the file, try to restart the computer and follow the instructions again.

Now check if the Avast is still Using most of the CPU usage.

Repair Avast

  • Search Add or Remove program on the Search Bar and Open it.
  • Find Avast.
  • Click on Repair/Uninstall then select repair and follow the steps.
  • Restart the Computer.

Hope the problem is solved. Let me know by commenting below. Cheers ✌️!

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