Logitech gaming software is very useful in the term of setting your mouse for gaming. However, the issue of logitech gaming software not detecting mouse is not a good thing to happen. The notification itself is a reason for causing annoyance. There are a few reasons as to why this problem is happening. Let’s find them individually and try to solve them as well.

Fix Logitech Gaming Software not Recognizing Mouse

Before you follow our steps please restart your computer. This step will help you to refresh the operating system as well as removing corrupted data.

There are some petty causes of this problem. Such as-

  1. Clean the mouse
  2. Replace the Batteries
  3. Check your cords
  4. Change your USB port
  5. Connect directly to a USB port
  6. Try a different surface
  7. Update your drivers
  8. Reassign your gaming buttons

Clean the mouse

Cleaning your mouse from time to time is a good habit. In case your mouse is detected by the software but still is not working or just keeps disconnecting, cleaning your mouse is the first thing to do. When one uses a mouse for a while and does not clean it, it is certain that the mouse will clog up. The steps of cleaning a mouse are also pretty easy.

Your mouse will be clogged up even by dust or hair. So, make sure there are not any liquids, crumbs and keep it dust-free.

Replace the Batteries

Battery of a gaming mouse has less lifetime than the regular ones. In case you have rechargeable ones, one thing you should know is that their quality will degrade over time. Moreover, an intense gaming session may make the battery come loose.

Just take them out and again put them back and be careful to not bend something inside the mouse. This may seem simple but it is the step that we forget mostly.

Check your cords

Most of the gamers use the wired mouse. It is your first and foremost work to check your cord if you also use a wired mouse. Twist, rips, or bentness on cords causes to prevent even a certain amount of connection to run it the mouse. That way, the software won’t be able to detect your mouse.

Also, if there are any rusted or bent ports, you’ll have to fix them or even get a new one. As this problem makes hindrance for connection, it is obvious for the software to not be able to detect it.

Change your USB port

If you are still facing problems with the software not working at all, it may be because of the poor mouse port. You can unplug the receiver or your cord and then try with another port. The problem may lie in the USB port you’re using.

Most PCs have more than one port. So, try them all and see if the problem is solved. If it is, then test that USB port by trying with something else. In case the problem is with the port, you’ll have to replace it.

Connect directly to a USB port

Having a multi-card reader or an external USB hub means you really have a problem with the mouse, not the gaming system.

Try plugging the mouse directly into a USB port and check whether the problem is still there.

Try a different surface

An improper mouse pad may not receive the reading of the mouse. That way, it is not possible for the software to detect the mouse.

The absence of a proper surface may block getting a reading. Thus, your gaming software won’t detect the mouse. You have to use a good mousepad because too shiny, too dark, or too light surfaces also cause issues.

Update your drivers

If the problem still goes on, update your driver to make it work with your software. Check the website if there are any updates available. These updates are usually free and easy to install.

Reassign your gaming buttons

In case there are buttons on your mouse, check if they are assigned orderly. There are sometimes when the assignments are messed up and results in not working properly anymore. The problem can be with the software, with the driver, or the mouse. Go to the application and see if they are assigned properly.

Logitech Software Not Detecting Mouse

If the steps given did not solve the problem, then you should directly go into your software and try to fix it in the following way:

  • Go to Start and type “Control Panel”. Open it.
  • Click on “Uninstall a Program.”
  • Then select Logitech G HUB Program and uninstall it.
  • Restart your computer to remove the software fully.
  • Install Logitech G HUB again.
  • Again restart your computer.

This process should be able to solve your issue if the problem is with your Logitech Software. In case, your problem still remains, it may be a major problem either with the application or the mouse.

If your mouse is really old, then the problem is within that. Update your mouse if that’s the case as the problem will just get bigger and bigger in spite of being solved.