Rainbow Six siege got attention from FPS lovers after RSP League by ESL. Like other game players, many Rainbow Six Siege game players are interested in getting to know about the Pro settings and gear list, which many pros are using. It always happens that we can’t do well in-game because of poor gadget ideas and poor game setting. That’s why we have research and find out the best settings for Rainbow Six Siege.

R6 pro league players don’t use the same gadgets, but you will get many common gadgets. If there is any kind of information that needs to be updated, please contact us on – Facebook or Twitter or Contact page.

The Best Rainbow Six Siege Pro Setting

Overall Quality :Set the overall quality to “Custom”.

Texture Quality :We will recommend going with the medium.which will not make the images blurry and you can still spot the enemies.

Texture Filtering :Texture filtering determines the texture color of a texture mapped pixel and gets the color from the nearest texture. Our suggestion is to set Anisotropic 8x to have a sharp texture. However, If you want to have Good FPS in-game, you can turn this down to 2x or 4x.

LOD Quality :“Level of Detail” is something that determines the graphic’s details. As it is one of the important settings, set this to very high. Low LOD makes the objects appear in triangle size.

Shading Quality :Because of its hog on performances, set it to low option. However, setting in the medium also does no harm. But, you shouldn’t set this on high as it totally eats too many frames.

Shadow Quality :To see a dynamic shadow, you should set this on medium. Low shadow quality turn-offs dynamic shadow which means you won’t be able to see the player’s shadow. And, High shadow quality will eat away your frames.

Reflection Quality :Setting this high won’t do any good to you rather than making the enemy pretty. So, set this low and have a good performance.

Ambient Occlusion :Though it will make your game look beautiful, you should leave it off to save some of your frames.

Lens Effect :It has a minimal impact on the game-play; So, turn this off.

Zoom in-depth of Field :Although it will make the game look a bit realistic, it will create blurriness on your screen edges. Turn this off.

Anti-Aliasing :The game looks quite good even if you leave AA off. So, to have a good performance, you should turn this off.

Rainbow Six Siege Pro Players Gear List