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Best Rocket League Pro Camera settings and controller list

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Over the last years, Rocket league has become one of the most eminent sports across the world. It is high time we made content on the best camera and controller settings for Rocket League. Every enthusiastic player definitely tries Rocket League Pro camera settings. We tried to sort out the ones that would be great for you and we also added some professional player’s recommendations. We hope that this Rocket League camera settings guide will be of much help you need.

There aren’t too many things common between each of the recommended settings but it would actually be a good source for you to copy FOV, height, camera shake, stiffness, etc. If you find something missing of camera settings in our table, please contact us on – Facebook or Twitter or Contact page.  

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Best Controller for Rocket League

As there are no massive differences between the popular controller options, it is up to you of which shape or comfortable controller you want. Xbox one controllers have advantages of having extra triggers and buttons whereas the Dualshock 4 and Xbox controllers are the same without extra buttons. However, You can play on PC without downloading third-party software with Dualshock 4 as it works ceaselessly on Rocket league PC. You should just plug it into your USB port and it is set.

Best Rocket League Camera Settings

How you enjoy and experience the game has a great connection with the camera settings. It is important for players to change the camera settings that actually work for them. The wise decision for the beginners is to follow the professional’s settings despite making their own ones at the beginning.

Camshake: As it has no specific contribution in the game and for a better vision you’ll want to eliminate any distraction, turn it off. Most of the Pro players that we’ve analyzed have camshake off.

FOV: Field of view which actually features your cone of vision. The higher it is, the larger vision of the field you have.

Distance: It actually is the distance between the camera and your car. Whether to keep it higher or lower, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Yet, the ideal camera distance pro players mostly use is 270.

Height: The higher camera settings you set, the more of the overview you’ll have. Most of the professionals recommend keeping camera height at between 100 to 130.

Angle: At which angle your camera is viewing your car depends on this setting. The most used camera angle is 3. 

Camera stiffness: If you like your car to be followed by the camera rigidly then set it high. But if you want the camera to follow your car loosely, set it low. 

Swivel speed: It features the sensitivity of the camera. The average camera swivel speed is 5.3.

Toggle ball cam: Whether you want to hold or toggle the activating ball cam button, it depends on this setting. Instead of holding the button, 87% of the players seem to toggle their ball cam.

Vibration: Since it doesn’t have any significant benefits rather it eats up your battery life, it will be a wise decision to turn it off.  

Dead Zone: Configuring the sensitivity of your stick relies on Dead zone setting. Lower setting will make it more sensitive than ever. We have a suggestion to start with 0.15. 

Rocket League Pro Controller list

1jstn NRG EsportsUSA-BenQ XL2540No110280100-2.000.554.70Toggle
1GarrettG NRG EsportsUSADualShock 4BenQ XL2540No102290110-4.000.403.30Toggle
1Turbopolsa NRG EsportsSWEDENDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No104270130-4.000.357.00Toggle
2TormentCloud9USAXbox One ControllerBenQ XL2540No110280110-3.000.457.00Toggle
2SquishyMuffinzCloud9CANADADualShock 4BenQ XL2540No11027090-5.000.454.20Toggle
2GimmickCloud9USA-Alienware AW2518HNo110270110-3.000.5510.00Toggle
2FireburnerCloud9(C)USADualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110270140-3.000.307.60Hold
3Scrub killa Team VitalityScotlandXbox One ControllerBenQ XL2540No110270100-4.000.504.00Toggle
3Fairy Peak Team VitalityFranceDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110290150-1.000.4010.00Toggle
3Kaydop Team VitalityFranceXbox One ControllerBenQ XL2540No110260100-3.000.703.00Toggle
4Flakes FC BarcelonaNetherlandsDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No107310100-
4Deevo FC BarcelonaEngland-BenQ XL2540No110260110-3.000.406.00Toggle
5KronoviRogueUSADualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110280110-4.000.602.50Toggle
5SizzRogueUSA-BenQ XL2540No110280110-3.000.455.00-
6JKnapsG2 EsportsCanada-BenQ XL2540No110290100-5.000.506.00Toggle
6RizzoG2 EsportsUSAXbox One ControllerBenQ XL2540No105270110-
7Chausette45 PSG EsportsFrance-BenQ XL2540No110260110-3.000.758.00Toggle
7Ferra PSG EsportsFrance-BenQ XL2540No110320130-
8Yukeo Team DignitasAustria-BenQ XL2540No110280110-3.000.403.00Toggle
8JZR Team DignitasFinlandDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No11027080-
8AztraL Team DignitasBelgium-BenQ XL2540-110270100-3.000.507.00Toggle
8Snaski Team DignitasDenmarkDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110270100-3.000.402.50Toggle
8ViolentPanda Team DignitasNetherlands-BenQ XL2540No104270110-3.000.455.00Hold
10EyeIgnite Team SoloMidEnglandXbox One ControllerBenQ XL2540No110270100-4.000.406.00Toggle
10Jake the Tyrant Team SoloMidAustralia-BenQ XL2540-101300110-5.000.2510.00-
10Metsanauris Team SoloMidFinlandDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110280110-3.000.402.50Toggle
10remkoe Team SoloMidNetherlandsXbox One ControllerBenQ XL2540No110260110-4.000.355.60Toggle
11Kuxir97The BricksItaly-BenQ XL2540No105320130-
13Lethamyr Ghost GamingCanada-BenQ XL2540No110300130-
13Memory Ghost GamingUSADualShock 4BenQ XL2540No1013301400.000.003.50Toggle
14TorsosRenegadesAustralia-BenQ XL2540No110230120-4.000.3010.00Toggle
15greazymeistercompLexity GamingNorwayDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110280110-3.000.456.00Toggle
15MognuscompLexity GamingFinlandDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110270100-3.000.357.00Toggle
18Express ICON EsportsAustralia-BenQ XL2540-110230100-
18Shadey ICON EsportsAustraliaXbox One ControllerBenQ XL2540No110350140-
19Drippay Evil GeniusesAustralia-BenQ XL2540-110280110-5.001.0010.00-
20Bango JAM GamingAustralia-BenQ XL2540No110300150-4.000.0010.00Toggle
21Nielskoek Veloce EsportsNetherlands-BenQ XL2540-11028090-7.001.0010.00-
21FreaKii Veloce EsportsGermanyDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110260110-5.000.5010.00Toggle
22SypicalSSGUSA-BenQ XL2540No110270100-5.000.404.70Toggle
23al0tmousesportsSwedenDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No104280120-3.000.358.10Toggle
24KarmaSplyceUSA-BenQ XL2540No110260110-3.000.405.00Toggle
24DudeWithTheNoseSplyceCanada-BenQ XL2540No110270110-5.000.456.00Toggle
24JWismontSplyceUSADualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110260110-5.000.4010.00Toggle
25Rix RondayMethodNetherlands-BenQ XL2540-105280100-5.000.505.00-
99SSteveFree AgentAustraliaDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No107300110-1.000.405.00Toggle
99ZensusFree AgentSweden-BenQ XL2540-110260110-4.000.353.00-
99aoe_empFree AgentAustralia-BenQ XL2540-100340120-5.000.505.00-
99BlueyFree AgentEngland-BenQ XL2540No110240110-
99GanerYoutuberUSAXbox One ControllerMSI Optix MAG27CQNo10720070-5.000.1510.00Toggle
99ChromeFree AgentUSAXbox One ControllerBenQ XL2540No110280110-3.000.353.30Toggle
99ColemanAFree AgentUSA-BenQ XL2540-110260110-3.000.703.00-
99CorruptedGFree AgentCanada-BenQ XL2540No110270110-3.000.753.00Toggle
99CyrixFree AgentAustralia-BenQ XL2540-1093101100.000.504.00-
99DappurFree AgentUSA-BenQ XL2540No110260110-3.000.403.00Toggle
99DazeFree AgentAustralia-BenQ XL2540-110240100-5.000.353.00Toggle
99DumboFree AgentAustralia-BenQ XL2540-1010120-5.000.455.00-
99ellusiveFree AgentAustraliaXbox One ControllerBenQ XL2540No107240130-
99EspeonFree AgentUSADualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110300120-
99FlarkeFree AgentSwedenDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110260110-3.000.407.00Toggle
99HalcyonFree AgentUSADualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110260100-5.000.353.20Toggle
99InsolencesFree AgentUSADualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110270110-3.000.404.00Toggle
99JacobFree AgentUSADualShock 4BenQ XL2540No102300120-4.000.656.00Toggle
99KlassuxFree AgentUSADualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110230100-3.000.703.20Toggle
99LemonpuppyFree AgentUSADualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110260100-4.000.706.40Toggle
99LukoriceFree AgentAustralia-BenQ XL2540-110230100-3.000.706.00Toggle
99MaestroFree AgentDenmark-BenQ XL2540No101320110-6.000.405.00Toggle
99MarkydoodaFree AgentScotland-BenQ XL2540No103330110-4.000.354.00Hold
99MijoFree AgentUSADualShock 4BenQ XL2540No105280110-4.000.405.00Toggle
99MiztikFree AgentScotland Razer RaijuBenQ XL2540No110280110-4.000.405.00Toggle
99MummiSnowFree AgentDenmark-BenQ XL2540-100280110-7.000.307.00-
99paschy90Free AgentGermanyDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No105300110-3.000.455.00Hold
99PlitzFree AgentAustralia-BenQ XL2540-110260100-6.000.357.00-
99PlutoFree AgentUSADualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110330110-4.000.904.00Toggle
99PwndxFree AgentDenmarkDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No105260110-3.000.555.50Toggle
99SadjuniorFree AgentCanadaDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No108270100-
99SikiiFree AgentGermanyDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110270110-3.000.456.00Hold
99SnarfSnarfFree AgentAustralia-BenQ XL2540No110300100-3.000.703.00Toggle
99TimiFree AgentCanada-BenQ XL2540No110280110-4.000.455.00Toggle
99TurtleFree AgentUSADualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110270110-4.000.458.00Toggle
99VinceFree AgentUSAXbox One EliteBenQ XL2540No110260110-4.000.602.50Toggle
99ZanejackeyFree AgentUSA-BenQ XL2540No110270130-4.000.753.00Toggle

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