As the countdown started to Nvidia’s Ampere GeForce GPUs, we got a rumour of Nvidia’s new 12-pin power connector and checked to verify if such cable exits. We found a photo of the cable which was posted by Power Supply Company “Seasonic”. As Seasonic Outs 12-Pin Nvidia Power Connector, we Verified from many trustworthy sources, and we found out that this cable really does exist.

seasonic outs 12 pin nvidia model

Nvidia’s new 12-pin power connector is of dual 8 pin connector. According to the photo, the Cable length is 700 MM. In below of the box, It’s written to use the cable, you need power supply rated 850 W or Higher.

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The Cable features 2 male 8 pin connectors and can be used straight to the modular ports without an adapter. This power connector is elegant enough to stand out amidst many other multiple connectors.

Generally, 8 pin power connectors hold 150W each. And it twin with 75W by the PCIe port matches up to 375W of total board power. It is not completely audible, because the custom boards of Nvidia’s AIC partners generally have three PCIe power connectors. Also, it doesn’t express much about the power consumption or efficiency of Ampere. It is yet to see whether this 12-pin power connector can make it to the Ampere GeForce line.

There is a note on the box recommending that this power connector is to use 850W or higher rated power supply. But that can only be useful for most power-hungry cards which may disappoint a large number of people. However, that note may only be a warning. Seasonic notes say that currently, it is only used testing.