PUBG Mobile is one of the famous and popular games so far, and people love this game. Here, we would like to share some tips and tricks, which will help you to become a pro player. Note that, Like other Battle royal games to become a pro player, PUBG mobile game players need a lot of practice. Our PUBG mobile tips and tricks will improve your knowledge and will help you to learn Fast.

Playing Pubg Mobile for a long time but don’t know how to do well in-game? Then you are in the right place. We Tried to cover some important Pubg mobile tips and tricks for you and which will help you to get chicken dinners.

Tips For PUBG Mobile

Choose where to land

If you are a newbie, you may not be familiar with the landing spots, so try to land at the end of the map. It will help you to loot freely as there will be less chance to have enemies there. Newbies get nervous when they see enemies are landing with them and for this they get killed by enemies. First learn why to loot first and if you get enough confidence and can loot fast then try to land mid-level loot place and then high-level loot place.

How to land Fast

It is important for pubg players to land faster than the enemies, which will help you by providing time to loot before the enemies. Besides, You can kill enemies without any battle.

To land fast you need to follow some things. Firstly mark the place you want to land. Try to land a place which is 700 to 800 meters from the place position. After jumping from the plane, keep the head down and set the target place by moving the screen. Don’t try to change position while you are in the air.

Keep Eye on Map

As you know, you have to stay inside the blue zone or blue circle and Inside the blue zone means you are in the safe zone. If you stay out of the blue zone your life will reduce gradually and how fast it will be deducted depends on which circle you are in. So, always keep an eye on the map and try to stay inside the zone.

Note: It always happens with the newbies, as they don’t pay attention to the map and die outside of the zone.

Proper way to jump from Vehicle

If you exit or jump out of a vehicle at more than 100-kilometer speed, you will lose 80-90% of your health, and sometimes you might die? So what if you exit or jump out from a moving vehicle at the around 50-kilometer speed. You will lose about 20-40% of your health. The best way to exit from a vehicle without losing any health is below 30-kilometer speed. So always check your speed when you are about to jump or exit from your vehicle. If you exit at more than 30-kilometer speed, then you will start losing health.

Vehicle Slamming

  • Whenever you are passing by a building with a vehicle, I often see people hit the walls of the house to stop the vehicle. But while doing this, you not only damage your vehicle but also damage everyone in the vehicle. So, to fix that, you need to slam the sides of the vehicle into the wall or building at full speed. And you need to hit the break and then the vehicle will stop without taking damage or damaging the passengers. Then you can instantly exit the vehicle and start attacking your enemies.
  • Here is another quick tip if you’re climbing any hill with a vehicle. Your vehicle will struggle to climb and move slow, and also you will waste a lot of fuel while doing this. Sometimes it cannot climb and goes back. It takes a lot of time to reach; you can climb faster while driving in reverse or backward.
  • If you shoot a flare gun outside of the play zone or safe zone, you’ll get a BRDM vehicle, which takes approximately 1min 30secs to 2min to drop. Anyway don’t stand below BRDM while it’s dropping from the sky, you’ll instantly get knocked. BTW, you can be prone to the top of BRDM. You will not get any fall damage or fall off from BRDM. So you can able to shoot people while proning on top of a BRDM vehicle to get some easy kills?. While proning your recoil will be reduced so you can easily spray down your enemies. And if you’re getting shots or if you run out of ammo, you can always get into BRDM by pressing (get in) button.
  • You can actually shoot from a BRDM vehicle, wondering how? You need to start shooting before entering BRDM(get in) you will shoot until you finish your mag. This will be helpful in some situations when your enemies are near you, and you have BRDM.

The vehicle Dodge Tip

  • To increase your chances of dodging vehicles while on foot, you need to make a single sudden change in direction that requires you to be already moving. You need to jiggle left and right to confuse your enemy about your next move; Once the vehicle is too close, you need to move in a certain direction quickly, this requires a lot of practice. And once you dodged the vehicle and you have a weapon, you better kill your enemy quickly. (by the way, you can not escape this situation by jumping on top of the vehicle)
  • The best way to stop a vehicle is by drifting either right or left. You need to use a break and choose either right or left move button to drift; you can also stop the vehicle by changing the seats. Once you change the seat, your vehicle will stop, and you can exit or shoot your enemies.
  • You can break the wooden Doors by throwing a Molotov cocktail on the Door. (But this doesn’t work with a frag grenade or stun grenades).As for the iron doors, then Molotov will pass through the Door and will damage an enemy.

Only Shoot Within Your Range

Most of the Pubg beginners make this ultimate mistake while playing. You shouldn’t open fire your enemies unless you are sure your weapon has a chance to hit the target. The fatal mistake is to shoot an enemy at a huge distance if it is not a sniper rifle. Shotguns and SMGs damage the best within a short-range while sniper rifles are best for long-distance potshots. When you approach the enemy, keep your rifle in auto mode if you’re using an assault rifle and keep pressing the fire button. It will increase the amounts of damages. If you are shooting from a long distance and that too without damaging the enemies means giving away your position. That’s why you must know that you should only shoot when you’re in range.

Communicate With Your Teammates

To communicate with your squadmates is the key to win the match. It can be both lonely and dangerous for you to linger around for a chance of strike even if you’re in a team. Whether you play in duos or squad, it is very effective to communicate with your teammates. Let it be picking up a place to land or picking a target cooperating is a must. You can also help each other by letting know of the enemy’s position or ask for aid kits or medkits if you need one. Furthermore, you can use the game’s built-in quick chat option. At the tap of a button, you can send messages like “I’ll cover you” or “ Enemy ahead.”

Aware Of Red Zone

Even if you’re a newbie, you must be aware of red zones. It is a danger zone that occurs randomly on the map after the beginning of the game. You will receive a great deal of damage if you get hit by a bombing occurring in the zone. To survive, you must enter a building and stay there until the red zone disappears. If you’re not near any building, then find a rock or tree to cover and stay there unless the red zone is over.

TDM Tips

  • Suppose, you run out of ammo in TDM, you can drop your gun and get ammo. It works with all guns, For example, Sniper rifles, short guns, pistol, assault rifles, etc.
  • In case your enemy is standing behind the rock wall, you can kill him with a grenade. All you have to do is stand here and aim at this tree or cover this area with your hand while holding a grenade and throw a grenade at 3 seconds. This works every-time.

Arcade Mode Tips

In arcade mode, you can jump out from the plane and go outside of the zone to loot. You won’t get any damage until the zone starts. And it’s going to be at least 3-4 minutes. So feel free to go outside of the zone and loot some good stuff. And go to the zone quickly?

Deadly Mistakes in PUBG Mobile

Fighting Without Cover

Having a cover is a big advantage in PUBG; it allows you to avoid damage and gunshots, and also you can quickly heal up and peek to engage your enemy! Fighting without cover is a deadly Mistake every PUBG players make. Try to use any type of object as your cover! Such as vehicles, ridges, trees, ricks, etc. Any of this will do the work and give you some extra time to think and engage. If you decide to engage an enemy without any cover, then you better kill your enemy quickly because you have nowhere to go if you miss any shots!

Not Being prepared for Early Fights

Early fights are frequent in PUBG Mobile, as many players will choose to land in hot drop for instant action or instant kills! So before you engage in early fights, make sure you have a decent gun with a helmet and vest. Then you have higher chances of winning the fight. Always wait for your enemies to push at you to get easy kills in the early game.

Mishandling Grenades

Most people throw grenades without cooking, and it will give plenty of time for the opponent to getaway. So the perfect way to cook grenade is cooking till 3 seconds or 2 seconds if an enemy is so close. In this way, your enemy will not have enough time to escape or move out of their position. Anyway, throw a grenade only if you think there would be an enemy. In this way, your enemy will freak out and start panicking. So you can kill them easily.

Overexposing yourself or not leaning

Overexposing yourself or body peeking is very dangerous and completely unnecessary. Instead of peeking with your entire body, make sure you lean out to avoid being an easy target for your enemy. (Try not to expose your body while taking TPP) Try to use this lean option to get a much better TPP(Third person perspective), and your body won’t be exposed.

Not changing Position after being Spotted

When you have been spotted in combat, your enemy will know exactly where you are and exactly where to aim. So it is very important to change your position if you have been spotted; Because if you don’t, then it will be a very easy, predictable target. It’s highly recommended to change your position when you think you’ve been spotted!

Tunnel Vision

Don’t remain focused on one spot or the enemy’s position for too long. Always scan your surroundings to avoid getting flanked. When you are in a gunfight, and you spotted an enemy, but you haven’t seen him for a couple of seconds; Then you have to assume that player has moved or re-positioned to attack you in a different way. Always be careful when this happens and be looking in all directions to see if anyone is approaching you. And try changing your position if you think your enemy already spotted you.

Bad Looting Habits

When someone wins a gunfight, and then they immediately start looting, at this moment, most players should carry extra utilities like smoke, grenades. There is zero harm in throwing smoke grenades on the loot boxes or supply crate in the open if you really need some loot. So feel free to use smoke whenever you try to loot in open places. The habit of running directly to a loot box after a fight is also a bit of a bad habit.

Does Royal Pass Improve your gaming?

The answer is no. It will only provide the skin of guns, outfits, dancing steps, UC, and many more things.