As per some of the trusted leakers, GTA 6 is under development. However, Rockstar Games didn’t confirm it yet as it is in “early in development,”; which led many to assume that the main game is still far away to be released. However, because of PS5 and Xbox series X coming at the end of the year, hopes are getting higher to hear from Rockstar Games.

grand theft auto 6

We also heard that Rockstar Games is planning to release the game as soon as possible with small size and least missions, later they will increase it by updating the game. From our perspective, if it happens, GTA 6 will be in the top-selling game.

It took Rockstar Games more than8 years to build Red Dead Redemption 2. So, we thought that After GTA V, GTA VI would release. So we can say that GTA 6 will be Out within 1 or 2 years.

GTA 6 Platforms

If we look at GTA 5, it came out toward the tail end of the console generation, releasing on the PS3 and XBOX 360. And then it released on other consoles with better performance and graphics. So, hopefully, this pattern will not be changed on GTA 6.

However, Red dead Online redemption 2 took less time to come on PC than GTA took a few years back. That’s why it would be surprising if GTA 6 comes to PC within a year of release.

How would be GTA VI Story?

The main story of each GTA game is about criminality. But there is a lot of improvements we got so far. If you compare GTA 4 and GTA 5, we can see a lot of difference. As the series of GTA is rising, rockstar is making more stories with real gaming experience.

Moreover, because of the departure of an old writer and studios key’s tastemaker; Dan Housers, there will be more likely a change in the story. Besides, Many people rumoring the writer left the job before writing the GTA 6 story. But it is also possible that he may have already been involved in developing the story.

According to Some youtube videos, there will be a female character in GTA 6. As we look back to GTA 5, there were three leading characters. So there is a chance of this to be true, but we can’t guarantee that unless the trailer releases.

GTA VI Gameplay

Whether GTA 6 will come out sooner or not amid these, the rumors about the gameplay have also become a hot issue between the GTA online players. Including interesting multiple protagonists, storyline GTA 6 has a spectacular change in the map, and precisely, this change seems like the key choice that Rockstar Games have made.

It is rumored that along with Vice City and liberty city GTA 6’s map will be covering three cities that are bigger than combining GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2’s map and seems like players will be able to play the role of Four protagonists, whereas there were three playable characters in GTA 5. It was said the game would set in the 1970s-1980s, and here will be a huge prison which will be part of the play. But, the latest news is, it is set in modern time, and among the four protagonists, two will be cops, and the other two are gang members. That’s why fans are all going crazy for its sudden twist.

Is GTA 6 releasing in the early years?

Well, there are many opinions about this topic. The question started when one of the most trusted leakers, Schreier tweeted, “ GTA 6 is early in development”, where Yan2295 and Tezfun2 claimed that GTA 6 is in development and maybe it is almost 60-70 percent done. Schreier retweeted Yan2295’s tweet, “Sorry dude, It is. Not what fans want to hear, but that game is years away.”

yan2259 tweet

It means maybe Schreier was sure that the game really is in its early stage of development. Whether it is true or not, the fact “years away” stands for 2021 the least. But, according to Schreier, if it is only in its production phase, then, it is six or seven years away, and that is hard to believe for the Grand Theft Auto game online players. The bad news is after GTA 5, they have waited for six years and more, still waiting and now another six years? It would not be true (But as for Schreier, he is a reliable source of information in providing news about GTA).

According to VentureBeat and Take Two’s 10K Sec Filing- “GTA 6 release date might have just been discovered – and it’s bad news“. Based on many Reddit posts, there might be an announcement this year based on GTA 6 release date news in 2021. Moreover, it would be a huge surprise if GTA 6 will be a PS5 exclusive which means it will launch alongside PS5 and Xbox series X.